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Covid Precautions:


As we are all aware, Coronavirus has now been present in the UK for over 2 years.   Even though restrictions are eased, we all need to do our best in staying safe and I have made changes to all of my events as outlined below.  We will be walking in remote scenic areas where walkers are normally at a comfortable distance apart from each other, therefore enjoyment of the walk will not be impeded.  

I take safety very seriously and I am keen to keep everyone safe while hiking together, please follow these essentials rules while you are travelling to the hiking location, whilst hiking and at the hotel. 


All of my accommodation are hotels with 2 sharing, I have cancelled all events in hostels as sleeping in a dormitory with 4-6 other members would not be the best thing to do at the present moment.  It is possible to have your own room with additional cost.  The hotel will have there own Covid precautions.  


We will be travelling via cars and if neccessary a mini bus, there will only be 4 people in each car.  The middle back seat will be empty for comfort and to maintain a degree of distancing.   The car you start your outbound journey is the car you will remain with for the whole event.  


I will meet everyone at the station for the briefing the whole group which would include Covid precautions.  Before departing I will allocate rooms and car sharing with the group’s agreement.   


If the government decides to lockdown the roads/region/towns and we cannot go, I will give a FULL REFUND to all, even up to the day of departure. 


During our hike:

I would advise everyone not to shakes peoples hands. This is a necessary precaution. 


Bring a hand sanitiser gel with you for your own personal use and sanitise your hands regularly 


Do not share personal belongings with others ( phone, snacks, water bottles etc) 


Follow good respiratory hygiene - cover your nose and mouth when you cough/sneeze and sanitise your hands immediately after 

My members health and safety is my first priority and we will take the below measures to ensure this event is as safe as possible.  This event will only go ahead when the Government release the lockdown that will enable for us to travel overnight.  There’s no point me organising a walking event where it feels clinical and too restrictive, therefore I will only put measures in place that will not take away the enjoyment of the walking event.  The below precautions are not final and I may make changes if needed.  I will continue to remain proactive and will communicate changes. 


Try to maintain 2 metres distance from others where possible. Or have some face coverings when its hard to stay away from people. 

I am asking everyone to wear a mask during the car/mini bus journeys.

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