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Holland and Belgium bike Tour.  August 2023

Holland to Belgium bike Tour August 2023

Holland and Belgium are infamous for their flat, safe and scenic bike routes throughout their country.  On our first 2 days the route will take us pass dutch sand dunes, idyllic fishing harbours and majestic windmills as we cycle along the North sea to arrive at Amsterdam.  From Amsterdam we will take a train to Belgium where we will continue our tour visiting the historical centre of Ghent and Bruges, both are Unesco world heritage sites and well know for their architectural and cultural treasures.  We will have time to explore the intimate little streets and ancient market squares.  Any bike would be suitable for this event.  


We will be a small group of 13-15 cyclist and will always cycle together at an leisurely pace to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The total tour is around 220 miles/352 km over 7 cycling days with an opportunity to explore wonderful cities such Amsterdam and we will staying overnight at Ghent and Bruges.  We will visit the beautiful dutch windmill village at Zaandam where you can spend time wondering into windmills.  We will even stay at a 13th Century Dutch castle on the 2nd night.  There will be a few training sessions prior to this event for those members that require it. We will travel to Holland via overnight ferry from Harwich UK to Hook Van Holland, the route is below. 




I have just written the first 2 days as an example on how the days are divided

Day One
21;30    Meeting at Harwich station car park (outside near the bike shelter)  
21:45    Start boarding, bikers board ferry with bikes (1 mile bike ride)
22:15    Locate your berth rooms

22:30    Briefing in the lounge area (wake up time, where to meet)

23:00    Ferry departs for Holland

Day Two
07:00    Wake up time (adjust watch, 1hr forward).  Meet at the same lounge area 
08:00    Ferry arrivals at Hook Van Holland port
08:10    Leave ferry and start cycling along cycle paths along the North Sea
18:00    Arrive at the hostel, wash rest and relax

19:00    Dinner in the town of Noordwijk


We will be covering the following distance to these locations 

Day 1: Hook Van Holland (port) to Noordwijk: 40 miles/64 km

Cycling along the North Sea through sand dunes 


Day 2: Noordwijk to Heemskerk: 40 miles/66 km

Cycle through dutch coastal National park and arrive at Heemskerk 13th century castle where we will spend the night


Day 3: Heemskerk to Volendam (coastal town): 40 miles/64 km

Windmill village at Zaandam and arrive at the Lake views of Volendam


Day 4: Volendam to Amsterdam: 15 miles.  Half day to visit Amsterdam then take a train from Amsterdam to Ghent, Belgium

Lovely views, cycle to Amsterdam - half a day in Amsterdam then take the train to Ghent (medieval town with a majestic castle)


Day 5: Ghent to Bruges: 30 miles/48 km: 

Leave Ghent and cycle along the canal paths to the medieval town of Bruges.  We will have time to explore the many sights of this lovely town


Day 6: Bruges to Ostend: 30 miles/48 km  

After the day’s ride you can relax on the beach at Ostend.  We will be cycling along the North sea 


Day 7: Ostend to Dunkirk: 40 miles/64 km 

Continue along the coast until we reach Dunkirk to catch our ferry to Dover, UK at around 8pm


It may be difficult to find traffic free routes to practice so I will be organising the below 6 free training practice rides.  These are the best traffic free rides a short distance from London.  Attend as much as you need.  The rides will get progressively more difficult.


Sunday training rides (dates to be confirmed):

Hampton Court to Richmond Park and back 22 miles - 95% traffic free

Winnie the Poo Forest ride - East Grinstead to Groombridge and back 3 miles - 95% traffic free

Viking Coast bike ride - Reculver Towers to Ramsgate and back, 40 miles - 95% traffic free

Southwater to Brighton ride, 54 miles - 90% traffic free

Coulsdon to Boxhill ride, 30 miles - on road 



Waterproof jacket, helmet, cycling gloves, cycling short x 2, change of clothing X 7, wash kit, towel   water bottle x 2  


You can use any bike (mountain, Hybrid or road bike) for the tour as long as you can fit a rear rack for your panniers.  I am able to hire you a bike if you don’t have one.


You will need a rear rack and bike panniers for your luggage.  If you don’t have one already may be able to loan you both items.





















Holland 8
Holland 15
Holland 23
Holland 2
Belgium Cycle
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Belgium Cycle 3
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Holland 17
Holland 1
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Holland 9
Belgium Cycle 5
Holland 21
Holland 20
Belgium Cycle 7
Holland 18
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Holland 16
Holland 4
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Holland 10
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