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French Alps 

Organising this 10 days event for 13th to 22nd September 2023

I have organised many events in the French Alps and other regions in France over the years.  I only combine French Alps and the the Italian in every 5 years as the logistics is complicated with the multiple locations.  The schedule is packed with high adrenaline activities and beautiful sight seeing, so you will need to be fit and full of energy.  

The via ferrata photos below may seem technical and difficult but have taken over a hundred beginners on this routes. 


Propose schedule 

As you know I am organising my last ever Italian Dolomite event this year.  I plan to change this event to include the French Alps which I know very well.  Please note this is a via ferrata VF event, the French VF are completely different to the Italian VF.  In France there are lots of staples (large metal staple shaped bars inserted on the rock face for your hands and feet) and great bridge crossing and easy vertical climbs.  In Italy its more like extreme UK scrambling, however safer with the safety gear. The Dolomites offers great climbs with fantastic mountain views.  The VF will be progressive, starting easy and progressing to more remote areas and difficult.  You need to be very comfortable with high exposed areas and may need to prepare for this event with some strengthen of your upper body as you are constantly using your hands, arms, shoulders and core.   


I currently only have 12 places.   


Provisional schedule.  Days 5-7 maybe reduced to only 1 day if cost of hotels in that region are too high


Days 1 to 4

Meet at Geneva Airport

3 great via ferrata in 3 mountainous area + up alongside a spectacular waterfall    


Day 5-7

Drive to Italy and 1-2 days to visit 2-3 of the great Italian lakes (Lugano, Como, Maggiore or Garda)


Days 7-10

3 classic via ferrata days in mountainous area


Day 10

Able to drop members off at Venice airport or Milan airport  (only 1 location, these are only provisional locations).  I will confirm drop off airport within 2 weeks.



The dates will be between Tuesday 5th to Friday 22nd September 2023.  I will confirm dates within 2 weeks once I have receive everyone's preference. I will also select a date where the flight prices are most reasonable.


I plan to drive from London to Geneva airport to meet the group a day before Day 1


Transportation (vehicle hire, tolls & fuel from days 1 to 10)

Accommodation for 9 nights (3 locations)

Equipment hire: helmet, harness, kinetic absorber, slings

Ski lift cost 




All meals

All flights

Travel insurance

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